Who let the goats out?

Who let the goats out?

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Well I’m not sure what the government have in mind when they talk about the Northern Powerhouse, but perhaps they are referring to the proliferation of 100% vegan establishments that are springing up north of Watford. In recent weeks, I’ve told you about Love Juice in Manchester and Lolo’s in Ramsbottom. Now it’s time to head over the Pennines to Huddersfield where there’s a new kid on the block (pun intended).

Goat Cafe in Huddersfield opened its doors a couple of weeks ago and already I’m seeing great things about them on social media. I reached out to Dawn, the owner of the cafe, to find out how it came into existence and to get some pics of the food on offer. Here’s what she had to say:

I’m from Manchester and moved over here around 3 years ago. My partner Matt is originally from Rotherham but moved to Huddersfield around 8 years ago. Shortly after I moved across here I was diagnosed with breast cancer so we had a pretty crap year of treatment which changed our outlook completely on everything. Once the treatment was finished and I had the all clear, we decided that we would set up a cafe. We’ve only been vegan for a few years but struggled to eat out anywhere because there was just no choice for vegans. We want a nice environment where anyone can come in and eat the food and if you’re a vegan then you don’t even need to ask if what’s on the menu is suitable. We’re not militant vegans though, we believe it’s the right thing for us to do as we care about animals and our environment but we try not to be forceful with our opinions and hope this approach will encourage more meat eaters to try some vegan dishes.

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It all looks delicious, and I know from personal experience how tricky it can be to get good vegan food in Yorkshire – especially after Dandelion & Burdock shut their doors in 2014. I hope to make it to Huddersfield soon to meet Dawn and Matt and try some of that gorgeous food!

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