Vegan Ville

Vegan Ville

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Someone should open an awesome vegan grocery store and call it Vegan Ville”?

Well, check it OUT!

Vegan Ville is a fantastic vegan grocery store situated in the Valle Norte district of Mexico City. There is so much to love about this shop, I almost don’t know where to start.

You can stock up on vegan frozen goods such as Beyond Meat and Gardein. The shelves are lined with every possible personal care item you could need, as well as washing detergents for clothes and dishes. The front counter doubles as a vegan cake display case. Need vegan cheese? Vegan Ville has got you covered for that and Vegenaise.

Take a look at my photos from a recent trip to the glorious vegan grocery store.

vegan ville outsideaniaml friendly shop sign chilled vegan groceries Inside Vegan Ville no discrimination sign in spanish no gracias soy vrgano organic applespopcorn with chile and lime shopping basket vegan Vegan Egg vegan milk productsvegan shampoovegenaise in fridge

Not only is Vegan Ville rammed to the rafters with vegan groceries, it also displays a sign telling the world it is animal friendly, a sign telling bigoted people that discriminatory behaviour won’t be accepted and a sign featuring a little dinosaur saying ‘no gracias’ to a piece of meat.

I’m in love.

You can follow Vegan Ville on Twitter and like the shop on Facebook.

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  1. Wow – I’m in love too! What’s VeganEgg and is it available in the UK??? Mx

  2. […] week I went on another ridiculous shopping expedition to the Vegan Ville grocery store here in Mexico City and I came out one very happy FGV […]

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