Vegan food in Munich

Vegan food in Munich

If you ever visit the German city of Munich, you MUST make time to buy yourself one of these incredible vegan kebabs.

Josh and I found ourselves with a few hours to spare in Munich last month before heading to Passau to board a vegan river cruise on the Danube. A quick scan of the HappyCow app informed us that right next to the Munich hauptbahnhof was a kebab shop offering vegan kebabs called Royal Kebabhaus.

Although the shop served meat, the friendly server was quick to assure us which options were vegan. In fact, they were so proud of their vegan-friendliness it was plastered all over the exterior of the kebab shop.

We both ordered the vegan durum kebab which consisted of thinly-shredded seitan rolled up in flatbread with fresh salad and house-made sauces. I think the seitan was made by Wheaty but even if it wasn’t, it was the perfect combination of crispy and chewy with an incredible taste. Not being one to show restraint, I also ordered a vegan pide topped with seitan, served with a selection of fresh salads and sauces. So, so good!

Check out the photos below.

kebab seitan kebabhaus exterior vegan doner kebab vegan pide vegan signYou can find out more about Royal Kebabhaus over on their Facebook page.

Munich has such a huge array of vegan food options, this kebab shop is just the beginning. You would need at least a week to work your way around.

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  1. OMG, I really miss how they ‘do food’ back home. It all looks so delicious.
    Here you’d get a couple of cucumber and tomato slices with a bit of limp iceberg lettuce as a salad garnish. There they actually put herbs and seasonings and dressing on salads!! I’m going back in July for a school reunion and hopefully we’ll fit a visit in during Easter as well.
    For now, I’m looking out for any other recommendations on your blog 🙂

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