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Best 9 of 2015 Instagram

There is a trend sweeping social media today that involves using software to generate a best 9 list on Instagram.

Without too much pomp and ceremony, here is a collage of the most ‘liked’ photos from my Instagram account during 2015.



No surprise this list includes three mentions of pizza. Vegans are obsessed with pizza!

It’s lovely to see homemade dishes made the grade (both cooked by my fab partner, Josh). You can see the stuffed seitan roast in the bottom left corner and the glorious plate of curries with rice at the top right.

Quorn launching vegan products was the biggest story of the year on my blog, so it was no surprise to see the corresponding Instagram post make this list.

It was exciting to be invited to a Parliamentary reception hosted by The Vegan Society and even more exciting to see a table of delights by Ms Cupcake upon my arrival. My Instagram followers agreed, hitting the like button enough times on the photo to ensure it made the best 9 list.

The centre photo shows the gorgeous ‘chicken’ sandwich with fries served to me by the talented and friendly folk of Teatime Collective in Manchester.

Here is a quick overview of my best 9 on Instagram for 2015, starting at the top left:

  1. Selection of comfort food served by Black Cat Café in Hackney
  2. Kebab wrap in Munich, Germany
  3. Homemade dhal and tofu curry
  4. Vegan pizza by Firezza, London
  5. Chicken sandwich by Teatime Collective, Manchester
  6. Cheese pizza served by Sheese at Vegfest, Glasgow
  7. Homemade stuffed seitan roast
  8. Vegan products launched by Quorn UK
  9. Ms Cupcake cakes present in UK Parliament

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  1. it’s so interesting to see everyone’s top 9! i’m just getting ready to put a blog post up on mine too. those cupcakes in the right hand corner look amazing!!!

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