Better and better

Some vegan places are happy to rest on their laurels, serving up the same quality of food and the same menu month after month.

But not Black Cat Café in Hackney.

I have been incredibly impressed by the food served up by Black Cat over the past two years. The menu changes regularly to reflect seasonal availability and old menu items are brought back with slight tweaks and improvements.

Check out these glorious dishes served to me recently.

That burger was the stuff of which dreams are made and Josh had one word for his spaghetti plate: delicious.

Have you been to the Black Cat recently? What is your verdict?

You can follow Black Cat Café on Instagram.

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  1. I love their home made pastry! Never mind what’s in it – it’s delish.
    We go out of our way to buy vegos (best price in London!) & Zapatista coffee from here too.
    Rock on Black Cat!

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