Bargain vegan pizza

Remember when I wrote about Firezza using vegan cheese?

You can go here to read my original post about this pizza restaurant chain with 17 locations. Piping hot pizza with Violife for all your convenience food desires!

There is something I think I forgot to mention in the original post. Every Tuesday, Firezza offers a very special deal that I managed to take advantage of this week. Check it out below.

You can see my glorious home delivery from Firezza in the photo above.

And what of the special offer I mentioned? I paid just £1 for the second pizza!

Yep. Every Tuesday the pizza chain gives you the option to add a second 12″ pizza for just a pound more.

Eat vegan pizza!

Extra note: this photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.

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  1. I think I just choked to death on my happiness… I’ve missed pizza for so so long! Now I can unleash my inner Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle and nom nom nom!

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