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Korean done vegan

How often do you see Korean cooking sauces labelled vegan in the supermarket?

I bet it’s not very often.

Check out these gorgeous-looking sauces called Yogiyo spotted by Josh in our local Sainsbury’s yesterday.

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The blue label bottle is a dipping sauce while the orange is a cooking sauce. A third bottle does exist for stir frying but sadly that contains honey. How fab would it be if they could switch out the honey and veganise the entire range?

The company founder, Sue Youn, launched what she claims is the UK’s first Korean ingredient range via an appearance on the TV show Dragon’s Den. With the range now in hundreds of supermarkets around the country, Sue must have presented a great pitch on the show!

You can follow Yogiyo on Twitter.

Have you tried these sauces? How were they?

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  1. Fab, can’t wait to try them 🙂

  2. Great news. I wish there were more wonderful companies like Clearspring bringing vegan consciousness to ‘world food’ aisles. This inspires me to look for some Korean recipes…

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