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Seaweed burger in Netherlands

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As we’re on our Dutch odyssey, let’s take a quick break from bustling Amsterdam and swing by Dordrecht, a nice little town that we visited partly (ahem, mainly) due to the presence of a new vegan café called Daantje there that we wanted to try.

And we were so glad we did! Dordrecht is a very pretty town, and Daantje was a lovely café, bright and cheerful, on a postcard-perfect old Dutch street.


So the ambience was spot-on, you’ll be glad to hear the food was excellent too. I had a “Dutch Weed Burger” (which may be named provocatively but is just a play on words, it’s named after the seaweed it contains) which had been recommended to me by almost every Dutch person I spoke to (or so it seemed). It was huge and delicious!


Jess had a brie, walnut and maple syrup wrap, which was also great. The vegan brie is apparently made on the premises, and was really creamy and full of flavour. Had we been served this in a non-vegan place, I’d have been suspicious of dairy infiltration! But the friendly owner is definitely 100% vegan.


So should you fancy visiting the Netherlands but having a break from Amsterdam, then I can recommend a day in Dordrecht, including a visit to Daantje.

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  1. We’ve had the opportunity to eat the Dutch weedburger a couple of times now, and we also like it! Since a couple of weeks, It’s now also available in every Bagels & Beans in the Netherlands, with a greenish (seaweed) bagelbun.

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