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Wot no egg?

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josh panel

I’ve blogged before about the Fleet River Bakery just behind Holborn station, so was delighted when a recent leaving do for a work colleague took the form of an afternoon tea in the space.

Among the omni offerings on the table, the bakery had made vegan mini-sandwiches and wraps but the pride of place went to the delicious looking vegan chocolate cake in the middle of the spread. Omni colleagues were shocked when they saw me tucking into a̶ slice two slices of the cake as they said they would not have guessed that it was vegan. Why do omni people think that all vegan cakes are some sort of sad, wholemeal affair with the consistency of a week-old granary loaf? The cake had the perfect combination of being both rich but not too heavy, and it was so nice to see a vegan cake taking centre-stage at a non-vegan event. Good vegan food changes minds and is a form of activism.

As you might have guessed, I subsequently had several conversations with colleagues about how to make a vegan cake and what was wrong with eggs!

Get to the Fleet River Bakery soon and try and get your laughing gear around that delicious chocolate cake they have there!

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Xmas 15 bottom advert

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  1. They are pretty rubbish now for vegans.

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