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Water lapping up on the cement

Josh has kindly stopped by to tell you about a little vegan surprise he found in central London, just a short stroll from Holborn Underground station.

Talk on it, Josh.

A couple of weeks ago my dad told me of a small independent bakery near my work which proudly displayed a sign out the front asking, “Have you tried our vegan options?”. The establishment in question is the Fleet River Bakery on the northwest corner of Lincoln’s Inn Fields just behind Holborn station. Many colleagues had spoken very highly of this bakery/cafe and I was excited to hear of their vegan-friendly bragging.

Fleet River Bakery London

Fleet River Bakery London

Several days later, I met my dad there at 12pm just before the lunchtime rush. I chatted to the person at the counter and asked them what the deal was with vegan offerings and she said they always have at least one vegan savoury on offer and they often have vegan cakes (including cheesecakes) and granola bars. The vegan offering on the day I visited was a fresh roll filled with hummus, salad leaves, carrot and caramelised onion. Let’s face it, that’s not going to change the vegan scene in London in any way, shape or form but it was still tasty and satisfying.

A vegan sandwich

A vegan sandwich

The interior is bright and welcoming and they even have some outdoor seating for the rare occasion when the British weather plays nice. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend checking on what their vegan special of the day is. It’s great to support an independent business, especially one that seems committed to courting the vegans in the area.

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