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Worst photos ever

This isn’t going to be visually pleasing. I’m sorry in advance.

Do you love taking photos of your food during a night out? If so, how do you feel when those perfect snaps are ruined by fancy restaurant lighting? You know the sort. The kind of lighting that is meant to be atmospheric but in reality just stops you from seeing what is on your plate or who is across the table.

This was exactly the scenario during my visit to a vegan-friendly (but dimly lit) 100% gluten free restaurant in the northern UK city of Leeds.

As you can see below, 2 Oxford Place in Leeds city centre provides diners with an optional vegan menu. I enjoyed some seriously tasty comfort food during my visit a few weeks ago.

vegan menu 2 oxford placevegan onion ringsvegan bangers and mash

As I said, the lighting was turned down so low I could hardly get a shot of the food but believe me when I say it was superb.

My starter of onion rings was crispy, crunchy perfection while my bangers and mash main left me wanting for nothing… except another plate of delicious bangers and mash.

Next time you find yourself in Leeds and in need of a meal from a (slightly) swanky restaurant, get yourself into 2 Oxford Place. Just remember to take some lighting equipment if you wish to document the experience.

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