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Sunday glory

Leeds is on fire for vegan food.

You’ve seen my recent post about the wonderful fry-up I enjoyed a few weekends back and now I’m revisiting the northern city to let you know about probably the finest Sunday roast you are going to get anywhere in the country.

Sunday vegan roast

This marvellous plate of hot food was served to me at the Grub & Grog Shop, a bar and kitchen collaboration situated inside the Northern Monk Brewery.

My Sunday roast was packed solid with delicious vegetables, pearl barley, stuffing balls and rich gravy.

The Grub & Grog Shop is not a completely vegan affair, but in an unusual twist of menu compilation they only list what isn’t vegan. That’s right… if an item doesn’t have anything else written next to the description it is suitable for vegans.

The bar itself is gorgeously decorated and there are plenty of vegan options to choose from, including sandwiches and cakes.

Grub and grog leeds interior Sandwich vegan Polenta cake

Get along to the Grub & Grog Shop for delicious vegan food and try out their Vegan Tuesday deal where you can buy two vegan meals for just £10.

Follow Grub & Grog Shop on Twitter.

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  1. Advise cake flavour please!? 🙂

  2. What are those delicious looking purple ‘balls?’ in the roast dinner please?

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