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Dear FGV

Exciting news!

I am thrilled to announce I have been signed on as a regular contributor to Vegan Life Magazine. 

My monthly column is called Dear FGV. It is a space for me to dish out advice to readers relating to ethical dilemmas and the struggles associated with living vegan in a non-vegan world.

Expect a bit of sass mixed with lots of goodwill and heart!

dear fgv

I’m hoping to help readers solve problems such as how to date a non-vegan, dining out with meat eaters and how to covertly promote compassion through gift giving. Perhaps you want advice on vegan-friendly holiday destinations or the inside scoop on the best place to shop for cruelty free groceries in your town.

I do not expect to be answering questions about diet and nutrition. If you think writing to someone called Fat Gay Vegan about nutrition is a clever idea, you are beyond any help I can offer!

This column is going to be genuine advice for real world problems mixed with FGV-branded humour.

If you have a plant-based problem and are looking for advice, send your question to maria@veganlifemag.com and it will find its way to my desk.

Look for the debut column from Dear FGV in the December issue of Vegan Life Magazine.

Visit Vegan Life Magazine online, like the mag on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for your perspectives … I enjoy your insights and recommendations 🙂 As a bonus you’re quite handsome … I wish my schedule let me take the New Year’s Eve cruise so I could flirt with you 😉 Cheers!

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