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Thank you, tibits

Do you all remember when we helped a young person named Alex with a school marketing project involving a collection of his vegan recipes? Sure you do!

Alex went on to have the most successful project in his school and was shortlisted as a finalist in a business competition run in Sheffield.

Flash forward to last night and I met up with Alex and his mum for dinner in London!

They were in the capital for a short holiday and some sightseeing, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet Alex in person and tell him how impressed I am by his dedication to veganism.

The friendly people of tibits on Heddon Street generously hosted our dinner party, lavishing us with food and drink. One million thanks to the team for showing me and my guests a wonderful night.

So how was it meeting Alex?

Alex is one of the most switched on people I have met. Prior to meeting me for dinner, he had been to Highgate Cemetery to visit the grave of Karl Marx. Over dinner we spoke of his love for music (yay for The Smiths) and literature. His mum was super keen to impress on me what a multi-talented musician Alex is and wanted me to know how many instruments he plays.

When I asked Alex if he was sad to be leaving London following his stay, he replied yes but the upside being he is set to attend a rally for greyhounds in Sheffield this weekend. Love it!

I can’t imagine being even half as aware or self-realised as Alex is at just 14. I had a wonderful time chatting with him and I am thrilled to have such a thoughtful, friendly and charming person on the right side of veganism.

IMG_1796You can like the Facebook page Alex set up for his vegan cookbook here.

You can like tibits on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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