Copenhagen vegan

Copenhagen vegan

Post by:joe panelI’ve not written a Berlin blog post for a couple of weeks, and I’m not going to write one this week either because I’ve been in Copenhagen, so I’ll write about that instead!

First of all, I was surprised at the scarcity of vegan places in Copenhagen. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Berlin’s seemingly endless array of vegan food, but compared to other European capitals of a similar size, Copenhagen felt lacking.

My favourite place of the trip was the Astrid och Aporna Spiseri which translates roughly to “Astrid and the Monkeys’ eatery”. It’s an all-vegan burger-and-hot-dog place, and very nice it was too. Unfortunately the chip fryer was out of order when we were there, but the burger was large and tasty.
Astrid och Aporna vegan burger bar signAstrid och Aporna Copenhagen vegan burger.JPG

Astrid och Aporna also have a vegan grocery store/cafe in Copenhagen, which is really clean and bright with a wide range of vegan groceries, toiletries, etc. (We were particularly excited to find Fentimans fizzy drinks as they were a favourite treat of ours in the UK!). They sell a lot of VBites products which have been rebranded by Astrid och Aporna with wonderful cartoons on the labels. I really like the designs, very fresh and happy.

Astrid och Aporna shop front in CopenhagenAstrid och Aporna branded VBites products

Also well worth visiting is a brand-new vegan ice-cream shop called NiceCream. They sell ice-cream as a lolly on a stick, no scoops here. There are many flavours, we shared one peanut butter and chocolate, and one toffee strawberry. They were really tasty! Highly recommended.

NiceCream Copenhagen vegan ice creams.JPGNiceCream Copenhagen vegan ice-cream-lolly

Copenhagen has four raw vegan places and we visited one café called Raw 42. I’m not a fan of raw food as a concept as it feels to me like a fad diet tacked on to veganism’s moral and ethical standpoint, but the sandwich I had was very tasty with lots of avocado, which is always a winner. We also had a tasty tomato stroganoff (which was hot, so perhaps this raw thing isn’t what I thought it was anyway?).

Raw42 Copenhagen - avocado sandwich

The one non-vegan place we bought food from was right near our apartment, a pizza take-away called Express Pizza. They had a separate vegan menu with a range of vegan pizzas, plus a wrap and a sandwich. It was a good pizza although nothing to get too excited about, unless you’re a hungry vegan in Copenhagen.

Express Pizza Copenhagen vegan pizza

There are more vegan-friendly places in Copenhagen which we didn’t have time to visit, including a café in Christiania which a few people have mentioned to us and is apparently almost fully vegan, so if you have any recommendations let us know in the comments.

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  1. Also there are a couple of organic hot dog vans in Copenhagen which do a vegan hot dog, one near the Round Tower the other on the main shopping street. If you can go to Sweden (Malmo) on the train there is a wealth of vegan options almost everywhere.

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