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Yay Pesto!

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Ok. This might not be exactly earth-shattering news for anyone, but I was delighted to see Sacla have included the words ‘Suitable for Vegans’ on the new packaging of one of their products. Sacla are a household name in the UK and are the go-to people for decent, reasonably-priced pesto. Last year they launched dairy-free versions of their popular basil and tomato pesto jars, using tofu and cashew nuts to compliment the taste and add a cheesey element to the sauces. Regrettably they didn’t mention the word vegan on the jar, although a quick read of the ingredients list confirmed that the products were indeed free from all animal products. So I was pleased to pick up the new-design jar in Sainsbury’s today and see those magic words ‘Suitable for Vegans’ on the back of the jar. I wish more food manufacturers would follow suit!



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