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Vegan cereal

I spotted these boxes of vegan cereal in my local Sainsbury’s and I wanted to find out what people think of them.

I bought the golden syrup version and I wasn’t super impressed. It was a bit meh. Should I bother investing in any of the other flavours? Would you recommend that I try one in particular?

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  1. The red cherry wheats are evil… You’ve got the munchies, you open the cupboard… suddenly there’s none left for breakfast!

  2. Apricots my favourite

  3. I Like the blueberry ones too – so it sounds like the fruity ones are the winners.

  4. In Canada we have something similar to this – All Bran pillows filled with strawberry. it’s taste/texture is sort of like a wheatcake wth strawberry jam – delicious!

  5. Rather frustratingly, Sainsburys have started to, “de-veganise,” a lot of their fortified cereals. In the past month or so the, “Balance,” and, “Multigrain Flakes and Fruit,” ranges have lost their vegan status.

    Currently, I think the only vegan fortified cereal is the, “Wholewheat biscuit,” range.

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