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So jealous

Josh is busy sunning himself in Florida, leaving me to fight for my very existence as snow sweeps across London. I am calling last night’s light dusting Snowmaggedon in an attempt to make him feel guilty for abandoning me for the sunshine.

Of course, Josh cares not. In fact, he is creating further hardship by emailing photos of vegan food he is seeing, buying and eating.

Check out this chiller display in a nearby grocery store. All that Tofurky boggles the mind.

fetch-UID--1Another blurry photo shows his late night grocery haul spread out on his hotel bed that includes soft baked cookies, Gardein burgers, Just MayoSilk coffee creamer, maple bacon crisps and more.

fetch-UID--2So jealous.

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  1. Fuck me!

  2. If he comes home without significant edible souvenirs may I suggest employing a major sulk?

    • Ha! I am heading to the US on Thursday so I will be playing catch up!

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