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Get into Vx

Do you need convincing to get into vegan grocery store Vx this weekend? Because I’ve got some compelling arguments for you to hurry down there right now, London.

Check out my solid reasons for making a speedy trip to this King’s Cross retail outlet ASAP.

20150120_163336 20150120_163403 20150120_163433 20150120_163449 20150120_163514I adore the Field Roast frankfurters and Vegenaise is the best mayo I have ever tasted. The barbecue flavour was the perfect match for my tortilla chips.

Are you still reading? You should be running out the door to grab some of these tasty groceries for yourself.

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  1. I must have missed their stock by a few days. When I was in there not so long ago the shelves were almost empty. Great to see they have replenished their stock with yummy vegan goodies!

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