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Guest hosts

I am incredibly proud of London Vegan Drinks.

This party has been running since 2011 and has established itself (with a little bit of help from me) as one of the biggest and best monthly social events for vegans on the planet.

The current location (Kabaret @ Karamel) welcomes in excess of 100 vegans and their friends on the first Saturday of every month. With a 100% vegan venue, lots of friendly faces and late night sets from a rotating line up of DJs, London Vegan Drinks is a party not to be missed each month.

But I am missing it in February!

My insatiable desire for off-Broadway theatre and overeating is taking me to New York City on the day I should be hosting London Vegan Drinks in February, therefore I have sourced the finest guest hosts in the capital. Only the best for the best.

IMG_9616Meet Bob. Bob is a party planner not to be underestimated. She has had a hand in some of the biggest fashion events in the capital and (as she proved at my roller disco last year) is an extremely competent roller skater.

Bob won’t be on roller skates on Saturday February 7th, 2015 but she will be armed with name stickers and a giant smile.

You can follow Bob on Instagram.


London Vegan Drinks is such a massive party, it needs reinforcements. Enter James and Angela of ethical boutique and vegan shoe store, The Third Estate.

The Camden/Kentish Town store run by James and Angela is a vegan landmark. People come from all over the UK and the world to shop with the compassionate duo. The blog post I published about The Third Estate is still one of the most viewed in the history of this site.

If you are new to London Vegan Drinks on Saturday February 7th, 2015 then cosy up to these two and they will make you feel like an old friend. Also marvel at the unrivalled song selection prowess of James as he takes to the DJ decks later in the evening.

You can like The Third Estate on Facebook.

London Vegan Drinks is going to be one heck of a party in February. Makes me kinda wish I wasn’t missing it.

Get all the details about the location and transport options here.

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