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Mega vegan fail

Is this the biggest mega fail in the history of vegan food labelling?

Scroll down to see photographic proof of a MAJOR mistake by high street retailer Holland & Barrett.

The UK chain has repackaged one of its chilled snacks to highlight the fact that it contains a lightly seasoned vegan coating.

That’s nice of them, right?

People impressed by the word ‘vegan’ emblazoned across the front of the packet might have a change of mood once they realise that an egg is encased within the vegan coating. Yes. An egg.

Maybe they think there are some part-time vegans out there who like to divide their plant-based quota within the one snack.

This might very well be the biggest vegan fail I have seen in all my blogging days.


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  1. Dicks! 😛

  2. A big company like Holland & Barrett should be demonstrating that when it comes to compassion, ethics and customer service, they can champion veganomics as well as a small independent trader. Sadly, your post shows they’ve a lot to learn

  3. Funny, but Jane at Viva found a MUCH bigger FAIL:

    • Oh my gosh! Clearly a mistake but funny nonetheless!

    • That’s a huge fail, quite funny really.

  4. ………. the sos casing is vegan not the egg, its obvious- its the same sausage as in their rolls

  5. It’s clearly not a mistake. It’s just an egg in a vegan coating. They are not implying the entire product is vegan.

    • I know they are not implying the entire thing is vegan. It is just a redundant thing to point out. You don’t see a ground beef burger advertised as coming in a vegan bun with vegan salad. It is pointless.

      • ground beef burger containing vegan onion, vegan salt and vegan pepper

  6. hey, this egg omelette contains vegan veggies! whoop! what’s next, vegan sausage casing on pork sausages? beggars belief

  7. Oh dear. Really hope that they put that for people who are dairy-free but still eat eggs.

  8. […] you ever seen anything so annoying? (obviously apart from this egg in vegan casing […]

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