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Vegan and not vegan

This is the first time in all of my years as a professional overeater that I have seen the following.

What is the point in packaging two clearly-labelled-as-vegan products in the same box as a non-vegan product? Check this out.


I desperately wanted the coconut and salted caramel flavours of this frozen yoghurt, but the store only had them packaged with the non-vegan chocolate version.

To make it worse, the word ‘veganos’ was screaming out to me from the front of the box.

What sort of cruel, twisted nonsense is this? There were no single tubs available, only the three pack. The Vegan Ice Cream Wars have taken an unexpected turn.

Have you ever seen anything so annoying? (obviously apart from this egg in vegan casing debacle)

Please let me know if you have tried the vegan flavours and if they are worth hunting down on their own.

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  1. Give the non vegan one to a friend…

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