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Ice cream massacre

Forget all about our quaint Vegan Ice Cream Wars involving bland vanilla and reserved raspberry. Shit just got serious and vegans are rushing all over the UK to find these new flavours by Almond Dream.

It appears these tubs of frozen goodness only started appearing a few days ago in selected Waitrose freezers and already we might have a shortage on our hands.


I travelled to two different Waitrose stores yesterday (apparently the exclusive stockist) only to return empty handed and tweets from vegans up and down the land are making me nervous as supplies seem to be disappearing before people can get to them.

Have you managed to get your hands on the Salted Caramel, Praline Crunch or Mint Chocolate Chip yet? Let other desperate vegans know where to go to find them. Does your local Waitrose have the full range?

This is critical!

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  1. I have a tub of salted caramel in the freezer. Might go and get some more!

  2. The salted caramel and the vanilla ones were available in Waitrose, Westfield Shepherd’s Bush yesterday. The salted caramel one is lovely – not super salty, but definitely a tang of something not sweet. Not that much caramel sauce though, but the ‘ice cream part’ is good too. Have seen these two varieties in some other Waitroses too, but not yet the pralines and cream…

  3. We have no local Waitrose 🙁

  4. I just bought the Velvety Vanilla at the Little Waitrose around the corner from us …

  5. All flavours are in abundance in the South Woodford store. Hmm maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that….

  6. Salted caramel, mint choc chip in the Chichester branch. No sign of praline though but sounds lush!

  7. I got the mint choc chip and praline ones from Waitrose in Sheffield (we only have one). But the last time I went in they’d sold out of everything except the vanilla. Hopefully they’ll realise the demand and re-stock in higher quantities.

    The praline one was nice but the mint choc chip was amazing, worth the price and worth some time to hunt it down I think.

  8. Couldn’t find any in the edgware road branch, very sad 🙁 it is a big store too!

  9. None in Balham Waitrose yesterday. Not sure if they aren’t stocking them or if they’re sold out though.

  10. Just in case anybody in Scotland is still looking… Stockbridge in Edinburgh had none, Morningside just had vanilla a month ago. But Stirling Waitrose had vanilla, praline crunch and salted caramel a few days ago! Definitely worth a little trip to Stirling. Only tried the vanilla so far but its fabulous, much better than Swedish Glace.

  11. If you email Waitrose with your local branch(es) they’ll send you a list of who carries what flavour – providing in stock obviously worth ringing to check if making special journey. Both Birmingham ones carry the majority! 🙂

  12. We have two average sized waitrose in Guernsey, both always have FULL freezer shelves of the stuff.

  13. They had plenty of tubs of vanilla and mint choc chip on the Tottenham court road branch 3 days ago. It was £5 and then some, though down the road in Planet Organic they were selling maple pecan booja booja for 9.99!!! Now if only I could find me some of the salted caramel 😛

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