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That’s what I’m talking about

My buddy Joe constantly sends photos of all the fab vegan food he has been spotting since he moved to Berlin. I can hardly take it!

I had only just calmed down from my latest rant about the lack of decadent vegan ice cream in the UK when the following photos crash landed in my inbox.

Thanks, Joe. You really know how to make a fat, gay vegan envious.

IMG_4198_2 IMG_4199

I have eaten approximately my own body weight in Coconut Bliss products during my USA vacations, but I have never heard of that fabulous-looking Das Eis label. Choco cookie dough, anyone?

Germany is not that far from the UK. Why is it these brands can’t make it to our freezers?

Has anyone tried Das Eis? How was it? Should I take a freezer bag with me on my  trip to Berlin this October?

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  1. No decadent ice cream in the UK? Really? You can’t get Swedish Glace, Booja Booja or Bessant & Drury in London?! Shocking!

    • I don’t class those brands as decadent. They are OK but not fabulous.

  2. no need to take a freezer bag, just take an old bag like me. I too can eat my bodyweight in vegan ice cream. x

  3. When I grew up in Germany one of my favourite ice cream flavours was hazelnut. I spotted that the other ‘Das Eis’ variety is hazelnut and roasted peanut. Feeling quite envious of you now 🙂
    Don’t take a freezer bag… just a really big spoon and enjoy every minute. You will just love veganism in Germany. It is AHHH-MAZING!

  4. Our friends at Veganz http://www.veganz.de/ are planning to open a store front in London! Contact them for details!

  5. Almond FUdge?! For FFS, I didn’t the world had such things in it! We may need to seriously discuss a crowd-funding exercise, or otherwise pony up for a raft to German shores and claim refugee status…

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