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More vegan cider

We are all slowly recovering from the shock news that Rekorderlig cider is not, and has probably never been, vegan. The silver lining is the recovery process just got a whole lot rosier thanks to älska cider.

On a recent drinking session in Camden, I was intrigued by the colourful bottles and tempting flavours of älska cider. A quick virtual trip to Barnivore informed me the brand is vegan, so I wasted no time and dove head first into a bottle.

The company makes three flavours; Lemon & Ginger, Strawberry & Lime and Nordic Berries. The Strawberry & Lime was incredibly difficult to put down and I can see it making a few more appearances on my dance card before the end of summer.


But apart from bars in Camden, where can you find this delicious drink?

Apparently älska cider is also available in Aldi stores around the country, as well as many petrol stations selling alcohol. A Facebook user also noted that Spar is currently selling the brand at the price of 3 bottles for £5.

It sounds like vegan cider is becoming easier to get your hands on in the UK. Goodbye Rekorderlig, hello älska.

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  1. Oh! This is good. I saw this and thought “yummyyyyy!” but then thought, “Nah it’ll never be vegan”. Thanks for that!

  2. Älska is the swedish word for “to love”.

  3. Hello! We are so glad to hear that you like our cider!! You should find älska at some bars around London, for example at all Faucet Inn’s bars, find a list at: http://www.faucetinn.com. Hope you get your hans on some älska soon 🙂 Cheers! /The älska Team

  4. Just came across this cider in my local Aldi, did a quick online search and came across your post

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