Bacon and lentils and beer

I was rushing to a meeting yesterday when I realised I was hungry. How could I possibly get through a professional discussion without some form of sustenance?

The only vegan-friendly store standing between me and my meeting was Marks & Spencer, so I popped inside to see what was good for eating on the run.

Check out what I found.

I am not about to say they were the most delicious snack in the world, but they were kinda fun to eat. Plus, my meeting involved drinking pints and I can honestly say they tasted better after a few beers.

Marks & Spencer Guilt Free Snacking Smokey Bacon Lentil Tubes… better when you are drunk.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That made me giggle. I wonder if they’ll put that out as their advertising slogan… ‘better when you are drunk.’

    • They should! I don’t think I would buy them sober again.

  2. These look like the sort of thing I’d try if they were on special offer. Beware M&S bacon crispies though… they changed their recipe to include actual bacon a while back. My mother was not happy, as they were one of her go-to snacks.

    • A lot of the fake vegan bacon snacks are changing in the shops to not be vegan anymore. I wonder why?

      • I wrote to Walkers when they changed their recipe to include bacon, asking if they’d calculated how many vegetarian customers they’d lose compared to how many new ones they’d get by using real bacon. It’s a shame they never replied, I’d be genuinely interested to know the answer.

  3. Love it! 🙂

  4. I was in the M&S in St Georges Hospital yesterday – it had 10 veggie sandwiches and 3 veggie wraps but not one was suitable for vegans.

    Thankfully there was also a Whistlestop and they offered two vegan wraps and a vegan pitta sandwich.

    M&S at St Georges do a good soya latte though. I know last time I met a friend in a town centre M&S cafe they didn’t have soya milk. If I’d had time I would have bought a carton from the food area and plonked it down in front of them! Do all branches with cafes have soya milk now?

  5. Have you tried the new bacon flavour pretels in Sainsburys? Equally good with a beer

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