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Cool rider

I make no secret of how much I adore the Cool Chile Co. This London based business is my main supplier of essential ingredients needed to get my Mexican food fix.

They sell it all. Kits that take the mystery out of cooking the perfect black bean dish. Chiles that are chopped, diced, dried and powdered. Spicy chipotle ketchup. Sweet salsa verde. Their enormous tortilla machine churns out thousands of the soft, round things every week (I wrote about the machine here). They even have a chorizo spice kit that comes with instructions explaining how you can use a meat substitute if you like. I love it!

But something makes the Cool Chile Co. extra special. The people who run it.

Director Dodi and General Manager Kelly are some of the most down-to-earth, unassuming and outright friendly people I have met in London. Even if their Mexican products weren’t the best in the country (which they are by a mile), I would still want them to be a roaring success because of what decent people they are.

Mexican ingredient champions

Mexican ingredient champions

It makes it all the more enjoyable to announce that I am partnering with the Cool Chile Co. for my huge vegan Mexican dinner taking place this week. Dodi and Kelly are getting behind UNA CITA by making sure we have the freshest tortillas in the country to make my three taco plate a dish you do not want to miss.

Cool Chile Co make this possible

Cool Chile Co make this possible

As a thank you to the company for coming on board with my event, I am giving them a pair of tickets for UNA CITA to give away to one fortunate Twitter follower. You need to follow them and retweet THIS tweet to be in with a chance to snap up the tickets for this Friday’s event.

Love Cool Chile Co. and be in with a chance to win!

Limited tickets for UNA CITA also available to buy here.

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  1. This is great – I’m always on the search for authentic Mexican products in the UK, as I seriously miss Mexican food having grown up just an hour from the border. I’ll have to put in an order soon.

    One question: where do you buy jackfruit in the UK? I’m really curious to try it.

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