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Eat more chocolate

I often enjoy strolling aimlessly around London. I pick a general direction and just set off. These random wanderings have helped me unearth some of the most wonderful vegan discoveries, as well as rediscover gems I had completely forgotten about.

It was during one of these unplanned strolls a few weeks ago when I came across the gorgeous and exquisite creations of The Chocolatier. I am fairly certain I had seen them at VegfestUK London last year but didn’t manage to get close to them due to the swarms of people converging on their stand.

This time I was able to find my way to the front of their table at an open air market just a block back from London’s South Bank.  While not being a completely vegan company, the majority of their handcrafted delights are vegan and oh so delicious.

You only have to check out the vegan product page over on their website to imagine how wide my eyes were as I stood in front of their stall south of the river. I was drooling. I bought a small tub of their dark salted caramel spread and am quite confident it was one of the nicest things to ever get up close and personal with my tastebuds.

The thing that impressed me the most was something I actually didn’t buy (it cost more than I actually had on me). If only I celebrated Christmas and worked in an office environment, maybe then someone would gift me a jar of the Vegan White by The Chocolatier as part of some secret Santa debacle.

chocolate powder

The company website says Vegan White has been created as a powder to be used for quickly caramelising fruits, sprinkling on toast and even melting in its glass jar before spreading on top of freshly baked cupcakes.

I have nothing left to say.

Follow The Chocolatier on Twitter and check out where their luscious products are stocked.

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  1. Their stuff is lovely & they usually let you sample stuff very generously at their stalls! The Aztec Spiced Hazelnuts have a pleasing kick that sneaks up on you. And there are an interesting selection of water ganache truffle flavours, (ie made without butter or cream) many of which are vegan & change regularly as they experiment, that you can make into a mixed taster box.

    I found it was dangerous that they took credit cards at Vegfest UK 🙂

  2. This has made my day!! JOY!

  3. The white should be renamed vegan white jizz – yum!!!!

  4. These are amazing. I love their water ganache truffles, especially the salted caramel ones. They are pricey but unique – and great to wow non-vegans with!
    Because the truffles are such a fresh and delicate product the postage when ordering online is a bit steep but maybe next time I need some I’ll see if I can preorder and collect my box at one of the market stalls.

    I recently came across Alexeeva & Jones, a chocolate shop on Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill who stock Damian Allsop’s water ganache truffles. They come in boxes and from the next batch they will be 100% vegan. (I think they are probably okay now but the maker is cautious to say so until the next batch, to be delivered in a few weeks.) https://www.alexeevajones.com/product-view.aspx?catid=1178&subid=&id=1802
    In the meantime I bought some delicious vegan gianduja there, you buy them by weight and I think 12 of them cost me around £5. https://www.alexeevajones.com/product-view.aspx?catid=1178&subid=&id=7462

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