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The Vegan Grindhouse

I am excited. I mean, really excited.

Check out the brand new (and amazing) travelling food vendor called The Vegan Grindhouse.


I wasn’t telling lies when I said it was exciting, huh?

The Vegan Grindhouse is a mobile vegan street food truck & coffee shop. They have their own in-house barista preparing gourmet coffee and you will also be able to buy tea, hot chocolate, shakes, street food, snacks, cakes, bakes, cold drinks and ice cream. And it’s all vegan, people. A vegan food trailer romping around the country!


You really need to follow The Vegan Grindhouse on Twitter to find out about their upcoming dates. These inspiring vegan entrepreneurs already have a huge amount of dates lined up for 2014 and I’m a bit worried for them. I seriously don’t know when they are going to sleep.

I am so thankful for The Vegan GrindhouseThe UK just got a whole lot more special.

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  1. Brilliant news, I agree. I met the couple behind this new enterprise at the Westmidlands Vegan Fair and got chatting. Lisa is so lovely and full of enthusiasm… wishing them both the very best!

  2. OMG – THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. […] As you all know, a fabulous 100% vegan food truck launched a while back called The Vegan Grindhouse. The idea behind the business was to supply events in the local area with completely plant-based tea, coffee, cakes and treats. I wrote about them here. […]

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