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Vegans in the valley

I am a big believer in communities self-directing and supporting each other in order to enact change. That is why I am thrilled to hear about this community-driven support group in the Calder Valley that is creating a support network for local people looking to make more compassionate choices in their lives.

The success of these sorts of groups usually sits with how engaged members feel and I can see by the line up of events 3 Valley Veg*ns has planned, engagement is not going to be an issue.

The group has an impressive calendar of events outlined for the near and distant future including market information stall, social walks, picnics, a summer barbecue and even a vegan cake baking class.


This is an important way change takes place and sticks. Compassionate people supporting each other and organising/socialising at a grassroots level creates a safe space to explore vegan living. It is a vital step in improving outcomes for non-human animals. Community and kinship matter.

I urge you to get involved with 3 Valley Veg*ns if you are anywhere near the Calder Valley and if you are further afield, take a leaf from their book and create your own compassionate community movement.

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  1. What a great initiative! I used to live in Hebden Bridge and would have loved to have had this around while I was living there.

  2. Fantastic! 😀

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