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More cake

There is a lot of vegan cake in London, but is it ever enough? I say no.

Congratulations to the people of Archway in north London. Their suburb is the location of the latest in a long line of 100% vegan cake stalls taking over the street markets of the capital.

A stroll around Archway on Saturday 15th March, 2014 could very well land you with a handful of gluten free, vegan cake if you make time to visit the outdoor market on Holloway Road.

Maria will be working behind the table and selling her homemade creations on a stall called Lilla Gull CakesThe food-curious will be able to buy brownies topped with caramel corn, savoury muffins, coconut oat balls and more.

The plan is for the home business to be at that location every fortnight before making it more permanent once they are established and have a following.

Is there a vegan cake stall in your local market?

balls crackers cupcake popcorn savoury shoppers sign

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