Taco flavoured kisses

I have left Mexico behind (for now) but vegan versions of the cuisine are alive and well in our London apartment.

Josh conjured up this gorgeous dish you see below, reminiscent of a meal we gobbled in an organic restaurant in Mexico City. It was rather simple to make, looked fabulous and most of all, tasted like one hundred million pesos.

Recreating this dish is simple.

Sesame smoked tofu tacos topped with salsa verde, avocado & diced red pepper

Thinly slice a block of smoked tofu before searing it in a heavy pan. Lightly steam corn tortillas (can be warmed in the pan). Place the tofu with filling of your choice (we added BBQ sauce and vegan cheese) inside the tortillas and fold over. Arrange on a plate and cover with salsa verde. Dress with slices of avocado and diced red peppers.

That’s it!

The tortillas and salsa were from the Cool Chile Co. and the tofu was Taifun brand.

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