Beer is the future of city living

I was out and about in London tonight, drinking beer and laughing at drunk people (yes, it turned out to be a mirror), when a thought crossed my mind.

Had I confirmed the date for the 2014 London Vegan Beer Fest on my blog yet? I remember excitedly posting the date on Twitter and Facebook, but it occurred to me I hadn’t shared this information with my loyal FGV readers.

How rude of me.

Pencil it in. Saturday July 12, 2014.

In celebration of you now knowing this date, I am kindly sharing this photo of a pint of beer I consumed earlier this evening in a pub near Charing Cross, London.

Let’s me finish this brief (yet informative) post by asking you to leave a comment below telling me which beers we should feature at the event this year? What is your favourite vegan beer?

Answers below!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Will it be lagers and ales?

  2. Little Valley Brewery beers! I particularly like the Python IPA.

  3. Hi,

    Having just discovered the London Vegan Beer Festival and looking at the photos from last year I’m really looking forward to this years.

    My favourite vegan beer would be Moor Beers, incredible flavours to their beers. WOuld like to see them there, even though they’re local to me.

    Would also like to see Hastings Brewery.- never tried them before, their range sounds appealling and their packaging is beautiful.


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