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Spread ’em

Here is a super quick vegan product update for you.

I have just discovered Marks and Spencer sell their own brand of vegan margarine. It is terrific to see the spread (I’m so funny!) of vegan versions of everyday grocery items. More and more high street retailers and large supermarket chains are getting in on the act of making sure they have plant-based versions of high demand items.

Has anyone tried the new M&S spread? What do you think?

M&S sunflower spread

M&S sunflower spread

Suitable for vegans

Suitable for vegans


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  1. I wish New Zealand had something similar but sadly, no. The fact it’s a tiny country with a low population and the population is among the biggest meat eaters in the world probably doesn’t help.

  2. Both M&S Dairy Free Sunflower Spread and Lighter Dairy Free Sunflower Spread taste great and are reasonably priced. The flavour of both is pleasant and not overwhelming like Vitalife Spread ( although I do like Vitalife in certain dishes). I have been buying these from M&S for years and the only downside to them is that they are so popular they are often out of stock so I solve that problem by buying several of each at the same time. These are very good products and I urge you to try them. Very highly recommended.

    PS. I was delighted to come across this blog. I thought that I may be the only Fat, Gay Vegan in the country. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone.

  3. It’s a shame it’s not 100% Sunflower oil. I don’t buy products with Palm Oil in due to the massive deforestation and habitat loss it causes . Often if products are just listed as containing vegetable oil it means that palm oil is in the blend.

  4. I’ve had this before and thought it was a pretty good vegan margarine. Nothing special, but it’s great to see big companies start to produce vegan products.

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