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I pick up my friends and we start to ride

My recent trip to Paris was a vegan eye-opener. I hadn’t been to the French capital for almost a decade and I didn’t hold many fond memories of plant-based food availability.

Things have changed, people.

I am delighted to report that the Paris vegan scene has exploded. You can choose from Asian cuisine, a vegan grocery store and baked goods. There are even a smattering of health food supermarkets through the city selling a decent range of vegan products.

Out of this new surge of animal-free options, one of the best places to emerge is a cute fast food joint called East Side Burgers. Burgers, hot dogs, fries and soda are just the tip of the food pile. The cosy outlet serves up a whole manner of savoury delights such as quiche by the slice as well as sweet treats (including my favourite chocolate on the planet, Moo Free).

East Side Burgers Paris

East Side Burgers Paris

Hot dog, burger & fries

Hot dog, burger & fries

Counter service

Counter service

moo free

Moo Free vegan chocolate

Of course I am disappointed the place isn’t completely vegan. Actually, I can’t get my head around why it isn’t. I can only hope that is a goal they are moving towards because apart from the animal products served, East Side Burgers is one fabulous place to eat vegan.

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  1. I don’t think they were open when I was last in Paris, that hot dog looks great. Clearly Paris is extra awesome for vegans now!

  2. Why would you be surprised that a vegetarian restaurant is vegetarian? France is kinda known for their dairy cheeses. Did you try any of these restaurants? That Sol Similla one looks interesting: http://veganparis.com/

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