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Fudge. Plain and simple.

After I visit a city, it always takes me a long time to work through all the food I consumed and convert the tasty memories into blog posts. I have that well-known vegan condition that involves eating every single possible vegan dish available to me during a vacation. Almost like I’ve never seen food before. What’s wrong with us?

My recent Edinburgh trip was no different. Working out where vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner were to be enjoyed took precedence over getting to the castle or visiting the museum. The walks along the Royal Mile or down historic closes were planned with precision to ensure vegan food options took centre stage throughout my time in Edinburgh.

In addition to my baked potato experience, one of the most memorable frenzied pit stops for food involved vegan fudge. Thick, creamy and irresistible vegan fudge. The Fudge Kitchen located on the Royal Mile isn’t a vegan food outlet but they certainly know how to make plant-based eaters feel welcome.

The store has at least one vegan fudge option on show each day. My visit coincided with the overwhelmingly-scrumptious toffee variety made with soya cream.

Fudge Kitchen Edinburgh

Fudge Kitchen Edinburgh

Gorgeous vegan toffee fudge

Gorgeous vegan toffee fudge

I am trying to be a less food-driven tourist. Not as many of my trips are planned around the food available at the destination but it will be a long while until I am comfortable moving through a town without devouring every vegan dish on offer.

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  1. Oh, I remember having fudge from there and sharing it with some folks in London when I returned! 😉

  2. Still kicking myself for only buying one block of their dairy free coconut fudge when I was there last, it was an absolute dream! Salivating like heck at this post.

  3. I am so pleased to hear you plan trips according to food, why not? With my dietary restrictions I have been reluctant to travel for fear of starvation (ok so a little extreme). With your blog post in mind I will now look for the positive meal enhancing possibilities of travel. That fudge looks delicious and I am inspired to try some at home even if I can’t get to Edinburgh anytime soon. Thank you

  4. I love that phrase ‘food driven tourist’ 🙂 I definitely have that vegan condition too!

  5. I’ll be adding that place to my list of places to visit next time I’m in Edinburgh. I will never stop being a food-driven tourist!!

  6. I laughed at your post – having just returned from a trip to Cardiff with my folks I realised that I, too, am a food-driven tourist!

  7. We were on the Royal Mile in January – I wish we’d known about this then! (We’re back in Auckland, New Zealand now…)

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