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So you don’t have to

I’m going to start this negative review by saying no one could be more surprised by FGV not liking a potato-based snack than FGV. I am so obsessed with potato, I’m not far from eating it raw. I eat it steamed, mashed, fried, boiled, baked and any which way you wanna serve it.

But I won’t eat it out of this packet ever again…

Just Crisps… not gonna be OK

When I see sea salt, black pepper and potato joined up in a (ahem) three way combination, I get very excited. But on opening a packet of Just Crisp snacks, my titillation dissipated rapidly.

I can normally eat my way through most foods, whether I like them or not. If it is vegan, it goes in my belly. However, there was something so unpleasant about the taste of these crisps that I did the unthinkable. I put them in the bin. They weren’t a big packet, but neither Josh or I could stomach more than a few crisps. Actually, Josh ate half a crisp before recoiling.

Josh backing away from the crisps

Looks good on paper

As always, I would be interested in hearing differing opinions. Do you like them?

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to make out with some deep fried potato dusted in chipotle powder. I’d appreciate some privacy.

Visit Just Crisps online

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Ick, maybe the natural flavor wasn’t so natural.

  2. Could it have been a bad potato )or wasn’t it that type of nasty taste)?

    • I don’t know… it would be very unlikely that every crisp in the packet was made of the same potato. I’m happy for someone else to try them and see if they have the same experience! LOL

      • I’ll let someone else volunteer! However, I can recommend Marks & Sparks Wasabi & Spring Onion Crisps, which I tried earlier – nice & spicy.

  3. Serves you right you fickle fickle man. Now let normal service resume with the Green packet of the obvious thank you very much.

    • I’ll try anything at least once! Lesson learnt.

  4. It’s the rapeseed by the way, it’s awful stuff, something not actually for consumption in my opinion.

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