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Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party was superb

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who came to the first-ever Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party  on Saturday September 29, 2012. If you missed out, take heart in the fact we are doing it all again on October 13, 2012. Tickets available NOW and are selling quickly!

The evening was a runaway success from that moment a month ago when all tickets sold out within three days, right up until some attendees were shovelling their tenth piece of piping hot, cruelty-free pizza into their mouths.

Much love goes to Ms. Cupcake and her amazing staff member Jhenn for housing the event and helping us serve delicious pizza. Adoration to the skilled pizza craftspeople of Village Pizza and gratitude to Barrow Boys Crisps for gifting the event with some tasty, vegan-certified samples. And last but not least, a massive thank you to London’s first vegan shop, Vx, for supporting the event with much-appreciated vouchers for the store.

One of the nicest attendees on the night was Jeanette. Not only did she love the pizza and cupcake included in her ticket price, but she almost bought Ms. Cupcake out of all the other sweet delights on offer in the bakery during the event.

But best of all, Jeanette grabbed some photos of the evening to share with you. Thank you, Jeanette. (Visit Jeanette’s website for the People of Lewisham’s Ukulele Club!)

Attendees starting to file in

Everyone got to choose a cupcake!

The ovens running at full capacity

Hot vegan pizza

FGV chatting to full diners

By tickets for the next Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party here.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. The Cobra beer was also very welcome! Good to see people can bring their own alcohol to the next one.

    It was a great night, our group of four really enjoyed it.

  2. Great write-up of the event. Thanks so much for all your kind words & for organising it. Once again, lovely to meet everyone. I’m looking forward to a Vegan Potluck night that falls in a yoga half-term!

  3. I can’t wait to attend on 13th October, tickets purchased 🙂

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