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Guest review: London Vegan Potluck September 2012

The London Vegan Potluck stormed back into the capital this week and the food was on another level of awesome. New vegan dessert champions Pudology were on board as sponsors to add to the enjoyment.

Because I was too busy eating on the night, my dear friend Cookie Von Stir has kindly dropped in to show you what you missed.

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Take it away, Cookie!


London Vegan Potluck

Can anyone even remember what number we’re on now? So much fantastic food, so many people, so many lovely sponsors it’s so hard to keep up…

This month’s potluck was an extra special affair, coming as it did after the summer vacation where we were forced to endure a month’s break from the cruelty free banquet, and sponsored by awesomely delicious new vegan pudding Pudology who very generously sent us an entire box full of creamy goodness in a selection of wicked flavours.

A brilliant balance of sweet and savoury arrived throughout the evening and the tables were soon loaded with everything from kale salad and sweet potato lasagne to rich raw chocolate cake and peanut butter cookies by way of spicy lentil dahl, spinach & cheese empanadas, masala dosas… You name a taste, I think it was catered for!

Special mention of course to FGV’s very own signature offering, a moreish flavoured (no, not Moorish, but thanks AutoCorrect) popcorn that always makes me want to steal the entire bowl and head off the to cinema. This month was inspired by his recent Mexico trip and featured lime and chilli as well as the added benefit of a bit of Mexican wrestling imagery on the label. Bonus points if you can name the wrestler.

After a quick intro where we were reminded about the petition to get Sainsbury’s to start stocking the gloriously versatile Fry’s (and stop subjecting us all to the veggie section domination of Quorn/Linda Mc) it was time to get stuck in and start enjoying the spectacular array of food on offer.

Wait, what do you mean what petition? Sign here, let’s show the supermarkets that we vegans are a force to be reckoned with!

Now, about that food… (apologies to chefs for my slightly shonky phone camera, I promise to bring my high falutin’ digi affair to the next one and try not to dip it into any hummus)











For two hours we stuffed our faces with samosas, pastas, curries, salads, pasta, pizza, foccacia, casseroles, cakes, cookies and custard. It was a smorgasbord of vegan goodness and showcased perfectly just how talented and diverse vegan cooks can get. It’s not about what we don’t eat, it’s about what we do eat and damn do we do well!

So what are you waiting for? Get creative in the kitchen, bust a move in cruelty free cuisine and come join us for next month’s event! And if eating isn’t your thing, come get your drink on at tibits on the 20th.

And the final word on Pudology is that you are missing out if you don’t get your vegan mits on one sharpish, I had the chocolate flavour and can cheerfully confirm it’s the best I’ve had.

Pretty sure FGV would agree…

If you fell the same, why not show them some love on Twitter and thank them for helping us all celebrate a return to the monthly feast that is the London Vegan Potluck.

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