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There is one thing I have discovered during my chubby, queer life. If we do not shop at (and support) independent vegan businesses, they will disappear.

Business life is tough enough for small businesses and even harder for the vegan variety. You have got to be extra resilient when you are cruelty-free. You sell to a niche market (admittedly getting larger) and you often have all sorts of accusations and prejudices fired your way, some sadly even from within the vegan community.

One of the true champions of the do-it-yourself vegan scene is the decadently-delicious  Ms. Cupcake of Brixton. This one-of-a-kind compassionate bakery pumps out glorious sugary treats and has gotten to the point where it is today through the sheer grit, determination and ferocious hard work of founder/owner/Chief Cupcaker Mellissa Morgan.

Ms Cupcake during the grand opening of the Brixton bakery

In just a few years, Mellissa has moved from humble beginnings selling her homemade wares at London markets to owning her own bakery that employs multiple staff members. Mellissa is a huge contributor to local animal charities and her surrounding communtiy. She has time and time again proven herself as an award-winning business person and highly-decorated baker.

But like every hardworking, independent business owner, Mellissa sometimes needs the help of her supporters and the broader community to get over hurdles as they present themselves. Namely financial hurdles.

The next stage in development for the Ms. Cupcake bakery is to offer frozen goods such as pre-packaged vegan ice cream, cheesecakes and their own frozen creations. The problem with frozen food however is that is requires a freezer to be stored in…. and there isn’t a freezer in Ms. Cupcake.

This is where you come in.

Ms. Cupcake is taking the fan-funded route to raise enough money to make the much-needed purchase. Mellissa is asking for donations from supporters in order to get her freezer and is even offering incentives to people willing to help out.

For a £5 donation you get a kiss from Ms. Cupcake herself. £10 will get you a cupcake and a kiss. Or you could splash out and show your commitment to helping small business with a £50 donation and be rewarded with a kiss, a cupcake, a tub of vegan ice cream AND a £10 voucher to spend at the shop!

Get behind this fundraising drive if you want to support a local business and help keep them away from nasty bank loans. Get behind it if you want to help a vegan business grow. Get behind it if you want to help Mellissa to be able to keep employing a large number of staff. In the long run, your donation will ultimately help Mellissa carry on with all of her charitable and community interactions that she is loved for.

And finally…. get behind this campaign if the thought of cupcakes topped with ice cream makes you do a happy dance.

Go the the donation page NOW and help a vegan indie business grow. Say hi from the FGV while you are there.

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  2. Great to see this fundraising drive has almost reached £300!

  3. Done! Thanks for drawing attention to this – good luck Ms Cupcake x

    • Awesome… they are almost halfway I think! I’ll meet you there to claim our rewards LOL

      • Yay!! You’re on!!!

  4. I recently interviewed the lovely Ms Cupcake for my blog — you can read more about her excellent work here

  5. This fundraising drive has passed the halfway point! Donate to get that freezer (mostly so I can have ice cream!)

  6. Havent donated yet (payday friday) but have spread the word on my twitter. Good luck!!!

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