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Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party

Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party is set to take London by storm on Saturday September 29, 2012. Be prepared for an evening of delicious dining on mouthwatering pizza, vegan cupcakes by award-winning bakery Ms. Cupcake and socialising in the centre of the vibrant and buzzing Brixton Market.

The evening will feature a huge selection of 16″ vegan masterpieces created by the talented purveyors of takeaway, Village Pizza. You will be treated to such tantalising flavours as Hickory Chicken, Spaniard and Tikka Surprise. These pizzas are huge and not to be missed if you are a serious vegan pizza lover.

But the eating won’t stop there!

Every ticket holder at the Pop-up Vegan Pizza Party will also get to choose a vegan cupcake from the glorious selection on offer in the Ms. Cupcake bakery. That’s correct… a whole lot of pizza AND a vegan cupcake of your very own.

The night will run from 8pm and the pizza will be served at specially-arranged tables inside Brixton Market. You will be enjoying your scrumptious feast as a Saturday night in the heart of Brixton comes alive all around you. Non-alcoholic refreshments will be on sale via Ms. Cupcake and there are currenty whispers of a vegan beer sponsor looking to keep revellers hydrated, too.

If a few hours of vegan pizza and cupcakes sounds like your idea of a good time, act quickly. £20 tickets (+ booking fees) to this feast are strictly limited. Click here to buy.

(Tickets are sold on a non-refundable basis)

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  1. I can’t believe this is happening whilst I’m in Austin! Hope it goes awesomely!

  2. Sounds fantastic – I got very excited just reading your last pizza posts. We tried some marvellous vegan pizzas at the veggie Lounge in Wolverhampton when on hols a few months ago (http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=27845).

    • Pizza gets me excited, too!

      • Yay, I’ve now booked my ticket! Jeanette

      • Excellent! Looking forward to seeing you there (and pizza!)

  3. 8 tickets sold on the first day of sales! Very exciting!

  4. 10 sold… only 15 left!

  5. Got mine! See you there, sounds great!

  6. Only 4 tickets left…. the response to this has been overwhelming!

  7. This event has sold out…. stay tuned for more exciting vegan pop-up events in London!

  8. Fantastic evening last night: Id have never believed there could be a thing such as almost too much pizza (notice it’s only ‘almost)! I only slightly cheated & left three of my crusts from the 10 slices I tried…

    I’ve just eaten my cupcake for lunch, as I was still too full to have anything earlier, & will be sorting out my photos later.

    Lovely to meet everyone, especially FGV, Dawn & Emily! Hope to enjoy another event soon.


    • Jeanette! So glad you had fun. 10 slices! Is that all? LOL. See you soon, I hope.

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