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Rescued by Loving Hut

My recent trip to the gorgeous Mexican city of Xalapa was downright sensational. I enjoyed a long hike through coffee and banana farms, I took in the sights of the glorious Teocelo waterfall and I swam during a torrential tropical rainstorm.

Oh, I almost forgot. I ate a lot of vegan food, too.

The city of Xalapa in the state of Veracruz won’t win any awards for being vegan-friendly. Heck, I even passed a restaurant that proudly proclaimed ‘NO VEGETARIANO’ on its front sign. Yes, it can be difficult to eat plant-based in Xalapa but the addition of a Loving Hut to the landscape has certainly brightened the outlook.

Loving Hut in Xalapa, Veracruz

Loving Hut outlets are seemingly popping up everywhere and it is making vegan travel easier. After our gruelling day of hiking and sightseeing, Josh and I were desperately in need of some recharging. Loving Hut Xalapa came to the rescue in a big way.

First things first. DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR THE ADDRESS LISTED ON THE OFFICIAL LOVING HUT XALAPA WEBSITE. It is incorrect and we wasted a good deal of potential eating time traipsing up and the down the wrong road. The Happycow entry has got the details sorted.

Secondly, get a seat near one of the windows. The restaurant is located one floor up and affords diners with either stunning mountain views out the back window or entertaining views of the chaotic junction outside.

All vegan restaurants should have stunning views

Chaotic traffic from the front view

Let’s get down to eating.

We ended up making two trips to the restaurant and both times we ordered take out on top of our eat in meals. Loosen your trousers as I lead you through a visual guide of eating vegan at Loving Hut Xalapa.

Our first meals were exactly what we needed after a long walk. Josh went with the gorgeous cheese-free lasagne made with soya mince while I literally stuffed my face with the hot dog brimming with fresh tomato and onion. Of course my dog came with a side of crunchy fries and we also ordered a plate of wedges that we proceeded to smother in chipotle and oil.

Vegan lasagne

Bread came with the lasagne

Vegan hot dog with fries

Some of the best wedges I’ve ever had

Diced chipotle in oil went on nearly everything

Like most Loving Hut outlets, the Xalapa restaurant offered a buffet option. As there was nothing to eat near our hotel, we ordered a take out version of the buffet and we were sure glad we did.

We were given a huge box featuring spaghetti with vegan pesto, meatballs, enchiladas and beans with crumbled tofu. The sides were just as impressive with two bowls of soup; one spicy and tangy while the other was made from beans. There was a fresh salad topped with jicama while another container featured figs in syrup. To top it all off, fresh bread was included as well as a cup of juice.

Amazing vegan take out box

The rest of the take out order

The next day we headed back to Loving Hut for lunch to find we were still in time to order from the breakfast menu. This turned out to be great timing as we both adored our meal. Josh went with the Italian sub sandwich while I opted for the club sandwich with a side of freshly-cooked papas chips. Vegan milkshakes made the cut too, with Josh knocking back a chocolate shake while I adored the strawberry.

Impressive Loving Hut Xalapa breakfast menu

Vegan chocolate milkshake

Italian sub

Club sandwich, papas & strawberry shake

The visit above took place shortly before our 4-hour bus ride back to Mexico City, so of course it would have been remiss not to order something for the road. Josh and I both ordered a burger with a side of fries. I’m not embarrassed to say mine didn’t even make it onto the bus. The burger was like a proper, old-school cheeseburger but without the cheese.

Burger with salad, ketchup & mustard in a sesame seed bun

Crispy & irresistible

If you have plans to visit Xalapa, you now know where to eat. If you don’t have plans, make some soon. You have the perfect excuse.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Wow – what mouthwatering descriptions. The food looks awesome, I wouldn’t be able to decide what to have. I visited Loving Hut in San Francisco and it was wonderful!

  2. Loving Hut’s are fantastic! Quite often a -almost liteal – lifesaver made better by the franchise aspect which means you never quite know what’ll be on the menu and how the whole experience will turn out. We had a similar experience in Malaga, Spain, where restaurants just laugh you out of town if you mention’ vegetariano’, let alone Vegan, The Loving Hut there seemed to be struggling, but at the time we gave it a good economic boost!

  3. YAY! A Loving Hut only JUST opened in my city (Perth, Western Australia) and all the Perth vegans are going mad for it! Love! Looks like you had a great time there.

  4. Felicidades a todos!

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