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Mexico otra vez

This post serves two functions.

Firstly, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my love of Mexico. I adore it in so many ways, some of which have been highlighted here on my blog. You might recall:

All this is great, but you are probably still wondering why I’m dragging you down memory lane.

Mexico City from high

Mexico City from high

Josh and I have just booked a short vacation for Mexico this February and I want your help. Are there any places you know of that I must visit during my trip? Obviously I’m more concerned with eating, but I am open to all suggestions. Tell me best places for groceries, wonderful vegan meals you’ve enjoyed or even cultural or sightseeing tips. I want it all!


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  1. I will always love Sayulita. It’s a colorful beach town, with lots of good food…Revolution Burrito is a favorite. There are tons of options for vegans and everyone is flexible. I lived in Guadalajara…huge city, lots to see and do and eat. There is a vegetarian restaurant there too…they have many vegan options….helpful? Who knows..

  2. Wow I am so jealous. I love Mexico City. I cannot remember any places to eat but I definitely recommend the Rufino Tamayo museum and of course the pyramids (if you have not seen them). If you are looking for to create your own masterpieces I invite you to visit my blog: http://veggiechica.com for recipes

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