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Cocina cruda es mi amor

If you read my ramblings with any regularity, you’ll have noticed I don’t follow the healthiest of eating regimes. Fats, sugars and a whole lot of carbs are usually hanging around my plate. I know what healthy eating is, but there are some habits that are a bit more than a struggle to break.

However, these less than desirable (but tasty) eating habits are increasingly being challenged by the delicious raw food I have been coming into contact with lately. inSpiral Lounge of Camden have me well and truly hooked with their raw crackers, granola bites and kale chips. Saf are also magicians of raw snacks of which I increasingly can’t get enough.

Then of course there is the relatively-new vegan raw restaurant in Madrid that has captured my heart, belly and taste buds. Oh my!


Crucina has only recently opened its doors to diners but if the quality and taste stays at the standard I experienced, I am sure they will be part of the Spanish vegan landscape for many years to come.

My meal was a mammoth, uncooked affair that had me enraptured from beginning to end. I paid 39 euros for the tasting menu and the food seemed endless. Check it out, dish by dish.

Starter salad

Vegetable skewer



Dessert tart

As you can see, the food served to me was visually remarkable. The flavours were intense, rich and irresistible. I adored the creative use of nuts in most of the dishes and every item was of a world class standard. My only gripe concerns the fact that my first two choices for the dessert selection were unavailable.

Josh opted out of the tasting menu and ordered two à la carte items for himself.

Broccoli soup

Zucchini spaghetti with pesto

Josh described his meal as incredibly rich and tasty. He likened it to an explosion of flavours in his mouth. I snuck a taste of his soup and I agree wholeheartedly. It was scrumptious and decadent and fabulous.

When you are next in Madrid, make it your business to eat at the completely vegan Crucina. You will leave with goodness in your belly and a large smile on your face.

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Inside Crucina

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I came across your posts in my research of vegan eats in Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona as Amran and I leave on Monday (fingers crossed given recent flight fiasco). See you at London Vegan Drinks on the 19th.

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