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Como la flor(e)

If you had to choose one city to eat in for the rest of your days, where would you settle down? Imagine for a moment that you couldn’t leave the city limits of your chosen locale… I wonder which vegan-friendly city you would choose. My choice is a no-brainer.

Los Angeles.

Not only does this supercity house some of my favourite vegan eateries in the world, it no doubt possesses the largest number of vegan individuals anywhere on the planet. Lots of vegan people equates a stunning range of plant-based restaurants that are truly world class. Native Foods CafeVeggie Grill. Cruzer Pizza. Rahel. Real Food Daily. Seed. The list goes on and on.

And then there’s Flore Vegan. Oh my.

Flore is a tremendously-gorgeous deli/cafe nestled on Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake, just a short amble (in a hybrid car) from downtown Los Angleles. Whenever I am in LA, I not only eat in Flore but I also try to stay within walking distance to ensure multiple visits are possible.

Flore on Sunset

The food is second to none as well as fresh, fresh, fresh. A huge deli case is always stocked-to-spilling-over with fresh fruit, vegan cakes and other irresistible, cruelty-free delights. Their menu reads like my fantasies; tempeh reuben sandwich, Mexican pizza, avocado seitan salad and much more.

Inside Flore

As enticing as the regular menu is, it is the brunch menu where Flore steps out of fantastic and into incomparable. If you can resist waffles, pancakes or griddle cakes this delicious, I don’t want to know you.

My last visit to Flore resulted in me devouring every last morsel on a plate of vegan chicken and waffles. My crispy, breaded chicken sat pretty on top of potatoes slathered in mushroom gravy. This delicacy was perfectly complimented by a banana waffle drowning in maple syrup and soy butter. I adored every crumb.

Of course I washed it down with a mint cooler… mint, cucumber, apple and agave perfection.

Chicken & waffles

Mint cooler

You might never have to choose to stay there forever, but a large chunk of the time you do get to spend in Los Angeles should be spent in Flore. It is FGV approved many times over.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Love this post! I agree that Flore is by far one of the best restaurants in LA. Other items I recommend: the tofu benedict, the biscuits and gravy, the club! Everything I’ve eaten there has been amazing.

    • It’s settled then! We will dine at Flore together next time I’m in town.

  2. Soo jealous! To have that much choice of places to eat would be just amazing.

    • I know. I think it is my destiny to live in LA for the vegan food options alone!

  3. I CRAVE their Chick’n & Waffle! My favorite dish at any restaurant — anywhere!

  4. I’m a phatgayvegan too. And I LOVE your site! Old Compton St is crying out for a Veggie Grill. so watch me go! x

    • You open a Veggie Grill in London and I will personally guarantee you will never go out of business… by eating there everyday!

  5. Hope you guys never need to venture to Newcastle. If you can find anywhere vegan to eat here, I’ll eat a stxxk (just joking of course!). Seriously, it’s hard to be veggie round here, never mind vegan.

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