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Eighth wonder

Eighth Day Co-op in Manchester

Would you enjoy shopping for groceries and dining on wholesome food all in the same place? Of course you would. If I mentioned you could also buy tasty vegan slices, cakes and treats from a deli case in the same location, how long would it take you to rush there?

The people of Manchester are onto a good thing with the glorious vegetarian grocery store and cafe called Eighth Day Co-op. This city centre retail outlet is jam-packed with vegetarian and vegan groceries, as well as mouthwatering food to settle your rumbling tummy. The shelves are packed with household products, chilled foods and personal hygiene goods. A huge variety of what is on offer is certified cruelty-free.

On the day I visited the downstairs cafe I filled up on a large plate of cottage pie with gravy, roasted potatoes and delicious broccoli. It was an entirely-satisfying meal and I devoured every morsel on my plate. Not everything at Eighth Day is vegan but you can identify what is by looking for the very clear labeling on the menu board.

Eighth Day cafe

My hot vegan meal

After leaving the basement cafe and climbing the stairs back into the grocery area of the store, my eyes fixed upon a deli case brimming over with vegan cakes, biscuits and slices. I tried a cherry slice as well as the chocolate/caramel variety. Both were superb.

Vegan slices in the deli case

Manchester is one of my favourite cities in the world and Eighth Day Co-op makes me love it even more. Visit them soon.

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