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Raisin my interest

The Redwood Wholefood Company is one of the true vegan megastar companies. The Heather Mills-owned business produces a staggering range of cruelty-free delicacies and has won numerous awards throughout their history. This FGV has been in love with their products for over a decade and some of my favourite Redwood items include Cheatin’ Roast Turkey, Cheatin’ Rashers, Breaded Pepperjack Style Cheezly Bites and Gourmet Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces. Oh yes, I’m extremely familiar with Redwood.

With a lustrous reputation for good-tasting and compassionate food, my life is spent in anticipation of new Redwood products. My appetite and interest have been temporarily satisfied by a tasty new item that is simple yet irresistible.

During my recent excursion to the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre in London, I chanced upon the stall containing goods by Redwood and my eyes grew as large as my chubby eyelids would allow. There on the table in front of me was a tasty treat that I haven’t enjoyed for many years… chocolate-coated raisins.

Dairy free chocolate raisins

Redwood now sell fabulous bags of sweet, chewy raisins smothered in delicious dairy-free chocolate. I snatched up three bags on the day, but as soon as I popped some into my mouth I realised I should have bought more. They are the definition of FGV comfort food. Grab a bag (or three) of these vegan goodies today.

Fit for a chubby, queer hand

Buy Dairy Free Chocovered Raisins online

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  1. How Cool!! Wish we had that here!

  2. They’re really good, but the bad thing about them is the price. Sainsburys sell them at nearly £3, considering its a small bag its a lot of money. They do taste amazing though so deffo worth it for a treat, and obviously its great that more vegan items are being added to their line. 🙂

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