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This native love is restless

Native Foods Westwood

If you are contemplating opening a vegan restaurant and are looking for inspiration on how to do it just right, I suggest making a trip to your nearest Native Foods. The food is consistently incredible and it has been one of my favourite places to dine out in the USA for many years.

During my Summer vacation in the States, I made sure there was just enough time to swing on by Native Foods in Westwood. Even though the Costa Mesa location is my favourite to dine in, the Westwood Native Foods is very dear to my heart as it was the first restaurant bearing the name that I ever visited.

Native Foods do comfort food perfectly. On the day I was there, I took advantage of the special and ended up with a delicious and nutritious BBQ Love Burger with a side of Native Fries. The burger was piled high with gorgeous, thinly-sliced seitan, smothered in BBQ sauce with coleslaw. To compliment this specialty, I also grabbed a batch of Native Chicken Wings with ranch dipping sauce. These cruelty-free snacks are close to being my favourite food on the planet.

Love Burger with Native Fries

Best vegan wings in the world

Next time you are in California, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to dine with Native Foods. The company has 7 locations across California and have also spread their vegan wings to Portland and Chicago.

Now, which one will I get to next? It’s only a matter of time.

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  1. Native Foods is my favorite all time restaurant. In fact, it is the only vegan restaurant in the desert where I live. And, they unfortunately have closed their Palm Desert restaurant, with no reopening date in sight (they say they are looking for a larger place). Now, my closest NF is a 45 minute drive from home (and they’re closing for remodeling in a few weeks!).

    • Try being all the way over in the UK, Debbie! I get to see them about once every year and a half. They need to expand to London.

  2. I’ve been to both the NF’s in Palm Springs and Palm Desert and the staff were awesome. They even gave me a tour of their tempeh making wizardry operations! Their bowls are eye rolling goodness too! Oh Debbie, I commiserate the closure of your local branch…I hope they return soon!

  3. I got tweeted by Tanya after quarrygirl saw my comment and sent her commiserations. She assured me that Palm Desert is just looking for a larger place. I just hope they hurry. She says Palm Springs is where she hangs, so it will definitely remain open (nothing said about the remodeling, but I have inside info).

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