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I had to think for a while prior to writing this entry. How should I tackle the subject matter at hand? The product I am reviewing is not so unusual in itself but the name is extremely unique and conjures up certain… ahem, imagery. But I certainly didn’t want to be juvenile or crass.

I decided to take the mature and classy route as I talk to you today about the Bowel Benefit Bar. Let’s not make a scene.

I was strolling through a health food store recently when a delightful piece of alliteration hit me straight between the eyes. I snatched up the Bowel Benefit Bar and marveled at its snappy name and retro packaging. For a moment, I thought it was a product from a bygone era that had been sitting on the dusty shelf since the 70’s. To my delight, I discovered a current use-by-date AND a little word reading ‘vegan’ on the label. Jackpot!

Bowel Benefit Bar

The bar was sweet, nutty and chewy. It featured a mix of sultanas, apricots, prebiotic inulin, banana, oatbran, pineapple, coconut and sunflower oil. It was an enjoyable and tasty snack in the style of space bars. The company website states the bar will assist with ‘sluggish bowels’. I will spare readers the results following my BBB consumption. Instead, I will simply announce that I believe the company is not guilty of false advertising… you do the Math.

A delicious & healthy snack


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  1. After going vegan three years ago, after 12 years of vegetarian eating-sluggish bowels are definitely not in my problem category! Good to know there is a tasty bar for it, if I encounter that issue. Thanks for the review!

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever come across these!!! I’m sure an alliteration like that would have stuck in my mind, and I definitely agree on the 1970’s packaging!

  3. That’s SO funny. I would totally buy just because it’s SO fun to SAY!!!!!!!

  4. Hi, I just came across this ; I live in Amsterdam and it is not available here; I am very much interesetd as a vagan to try it; can you help with information who the manufacturer is or in what stores one can find it? Thanks, Rebecca

    p.s. it is quite urgent!!!!

    • I don’t know if this comment is spam or not… but the story above has a link to the manufacturer’s website and that website has a function for you to order online.

      • Hi, this is not a spam but genuine search for the BBB; on the website of Lepicol there is no mention of the BBB; can you help may be with another source? thanks, Rebecca

      • If you email them, they should be able to help you.

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