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London Vegan Potluck 5 review

If you missed out on September’s London Vegan Potluck 5, you are just going to have to take me on my FGV word… it was a fantastic event. Seriously.

There were well over 50 potluckers in attendance and many more dishes on offer. The food was never ending and you could find almost any type of cuisine. We had lasagna, fruit skewers, mini burgers, seitan, tofu, tartlets, cheese platters, raw spaghetti, mole, chicken alfredo, hand-crafted truffles, cheesecake, falafel, spaghetti bolognese, iced tea, vegan wines, fruit drinks, dips, crisps, home-baked bread and much, much more.

I am exhausted typing this! It was a vegan extravaganza like no other and proof that the London vegan community is thriving and eager for an event such as this.

Keep an eye on this blog for news of our new Central London location. Yes, we are moving! Ms. Cupcake has been amazing housing the potluck through its infancy and we couldn’t be more grateful but the time has come to move on. The event is becoming too large for the space and as the colder months approach we need to be in a closed room. Check back for location updates, but in the meantime we can promise it will be a great relocation with huge benefits for the potluck.

A massive thank you must also go to our fabulous London Vegan Potluck 5 sponsors, Provamel. Their cartons of soya milk and tubs of desserts flew off the table and we are so happy they were a huge part of the evening.

Before I leave you with a few photos of the evening, I would like to give you a heads up on a new event in the pipeline. Following in the footsteps of the London Vegan Potluck is London Vegan Drinks. The vegan drinks will be a monthly event organised through this blog, so check back for details. It will be hosted on the 3rd Thursday of each month and will be a fantastic opportunity for vegans and their friends to socialise, let loose and not have to stress about cooking. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight, thank you to all of the fabulous food preparers and thank you for reading. Here are the pictures!

Vegan chicken alfredo prepared by the lovely Ms. Cupcake staff

Delicious, fresh bread

Vegan cheese by Sheese & Vegusto with crackers


Leek tarts with Daiya

Gorgeous potato

Seitan & tofu salads

Mini vegan 'cheesy munchkin' burger

Raw vegetable platter with raw hummus

Wheaty donated by London vegan boutique Vx

Stunning chai truffles

Fresh fruit skewers

Sticky toffee pudding

Giveaway items thanks to our wonderful sponsors Provamel

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I like the pictures πŸ˜‰

  2. Too tempting :(.

  3. I am sitting here with still with a little vegan food baby (make that a large 7 month food baby!). Had such a good time! Great people, great food! Thanks again for everything!

    I think my favorites were the alfredo ziti and the lasagna and the tiny potato salad and and and mmmmmm.

  4. You do realise, my darling FGV, that I will be at the next one?!?!?! EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  5. Does anyone know where we can buy Daiya in the UK???

    • No where, sadly. Daiya don’t have plans to sell in the UK as of now I have been told. You can get an Amy’s vegan mac and cheese made with Daiya in Whole Foods Kensington.

  6. That food is awesome. I want to know where you got that Daiya in the UK!

    • We got it from the US! It isn’t for sale in the UK.

  7. These Vegan potluck events sound fantastic. How can we get involved?

    • It is simple! Cook vegan food and come along. It is the first Wednesday of every month and we have a new location coming up. Stay tuned for details.

  8. One day I’ll make it to a potluck!! In the meantime I’m going to sit back and drool over the pictures again!

  9. The tofu salad was amazing, so so good. I loved the truffles and chocolate rice crispie balls.

    • I loved the tofu salad aswell ( along with alot of the other fabulous dishes)
      It’s such a great event with wonderful food and lovely company.

  10. I was unable to get to this potluck but could you add me to your mailing list for future potluck reminders.
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Nicky. I have added your email address to our mailing list. Hope to see you at the next potluck.

      • Can you throw me on there too, bud?

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